Google Slides: Getting Access & Using the app

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Google Slides is a powerful application offered by Google to create, edit, and show your presentations. For getting started, it is useful to know how to access and login to the application.
In this course, discover how to navigate the interface to find your recently created presentations. You will also learn how to create new presentations from a blank document or a template, as well as to insert, skip, or delete slides.
Lastly, learn how to work with multiple presentations and customize the display by using the zoom tool or hiding menus.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Google Slides: Getting Access & Using the app

  • discover the key concepts in the course Getting Access and Using Google Slides
  • sign in and out of the app
  • navigate on the interface
  • move between slides
  • move between presentations
  • create and save a presentation
  • insert, skip and delete slides
  • move and add numbers to slides
  • use the zoom tool
  • personalize the display of the application
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