Google Slides: Saving, printing and working with slides

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Google Slides presentations are automatically saved. In this course, you will see how to save a copy, rename your presentation, and use the history version to easily restore older versions of your document.
Discover how to export your presentation into different formats, such as PDF, how to import a presentation, and how to print a presentation. Finally, learn how to enhance the presentation of your data, by creating, editing, and formatting tables in Google Slides.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Slides: Saving, printing and working with slides

  • discover the key concepts in the Saving, printing and working with slides course
  • save, save a copy, undo changes, and rename your presentations
  • save and open your presentation as a PDF
  • use the version history feature and restore an old version
  • import and export your presentations
  • prepare your presentation to be printed
  • print a document
  • insert a table in a slide and copy tables from Google Sheets or Excel
  • resize, insert and delete items on a table
  • format your table
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