Google Team Drives: Using the Storage Tools

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Google Team Drives is a cloud-based, team-focused storage solution designed to help you store and collaborate on files within your organization. Learn how to create new teams, add storage spaces, and import and create files.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Team Drives: Using the Storage Tools

  • sign into Team Drive via your Google Drive account
  • navigate the Team Drive interface
  • create a new Team Drive
  • add members to a Team Drive
  • manage member in a Team Drive
  • view and edit your Google Team Drives files
  • upload files, folders, photos, and videos to Google Team Drives
  • download files from your Team Drives to your computer
  • create a new document in Google Team Drive
  • sync your files via the Google Drive File Stream app
  • manage Team Drive documents stored on your computer via the Google Drive File Stream app
  • create a document template for Google Team Drives
  • convert files to Google Suite format via Team Drives
  • edit Team Drives documents offline
  • share access permissions to Team Drives files
  • share Team Drive files via links
  • find shared files on Google Drive
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