YouTube for Web: Publishing Videos & Managing Channels

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Want to share videos on YouTube? Discover how to create and manage channels and playlists, publish videos, use tags and comments, and use the Creator Studio to generate reports about your account activity.

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Lesson Objectives

YouTube for Web: Publishing Videos & Managing Channels

  • create your own YouTube channel
  • share a YouTube video
  • publish a video to your YouTube channel
  • setup default settings for your YouTube videos
  • manage your uploaded videos on your YouTube channel
  • create playlists of YouTube videos
  • manage your playlists and saved videos with the YouTube side panel
  • tag your YouTube videos with keywords
  • create additional channels with your YouTube account
  • personalize your YouTube channel
  • customize your YouTube channel layout
  • customize your YouTube channel options and settings
  • promote your YouTube channel and videos
  • manage viewer comments on your YouTube channel
  • consult video analytics via YouTube Creator's Studio
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