Google Sheets: Inserting & Manipulating Data

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Spreadsheets in Google Sheets are of little value without data. Discover how to insert, delete, copy, and move data; work with columns and rows; insert drop-down menus; avoid duplicate values; and validate your data.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Inserting & Manipulating Data

  • Selecting a cell
  • Inserting data into your cells
  • Deleting data from your spreadsheet
  • Creating automatic data lists
  • Hiding columns & rows
  • Moving data
  • Moving data from one sheet to another
  • Copying & pasting values
  • Transposing a data range
  • Adding headers & footers
  • Using the spell-check
  • Freezing & unfreezing columns & rows
  • Working with data via the Explore tool
  • Grouping data
  • Inserting drop-down menus
  • Inserting menus with predefined options
  • Validating your data
  • Avoiding duplicate values
  • Automating tasks with the Macro tool
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