Google Sheets: Creating & Managing documents

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Explore the basics of creating, saving and managing spreadsheets in Google Sheets.
Discover the multiple ways and places to save your spreadsheet, including on your computer and on Google Drive. Continue by learning how to save a workbook as an Excel, CSV or HTML file.
See how to manage a document's version history, and recover unsaved documents. Finally, learn how to configure your spreadsheet settings before printing or saving it as a PDF file.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Creating & Managing documents

  • create new spreadsheets
  • create spreadsheets with templates
  • submit a custom template to create a spreadsheet
  • upload a spreadsheet from your device
  • work with online and offline documents
  • create a backup version of a document
  • restore a previous version of your spreadsheet
  • export a spreadsheet to other file formats
  • export a spreadsheet as a PDF file
  • configure and print your spreadsheet
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