Google Sheets: Inserting & Managing data

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This course focuses on inserting and managing data in your worksheets.
Google Sheets includes a variety of tools for inserting, editing, and customizing data. Learn how to insert data and how to create an automatic list of numbers, dates, or codes. You will also see how to select a cell or a cell range for copying and how to use the 'paste special' options to reuse formats or formulas.
Finally, learn how to insert data with the Explore tool and how to improve your data with the Spelling tool.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Inserting & Managing data

  • create and organize worksheets
  • select cell, cell ranges and data ranges
  • insert, edit and replace data
  • create an automatic data list
  • delete data from a spreadsheet
  • copy and cut data within a spreadsheet
  • use special options to paste values and formats
  • paste formulas and transpose data
  • move data from one sheet to another
  • insert and analyze data with the Explore tool
  • proofread your data and manage your personal dictionary
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