Google Sheets: Enhancing your documents

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Improve the display of your data using the insertion tools in Google Sheets. Discover how to add more columns, rows, and cells to insert more data in a worksheet. You will also learn how to manage and customize rows and columns by changing their size and applying borders.

Spreadsheets in Google Sheets do not have to contain only data. Explore various methods for inserting images, including how to create, insert, and edit drawings, as well as hyperlinks. All these tools can be useful for creating first-rate headers for your documents.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Enhancing your documents

  • insert and delete columns, rows and cells
  • resize columns and rows
  • hide and unhide column and rows
  • freeze and unfreeze columns and rows
  • insert, replace and manage images
  • insert and customize a Word art title
  • edit and save a copy of your drawing
  • insert, edit and remove a hyperlink
  • insert, customize and remove borders
  • add, edit and customize headers
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