Google Sheets: Finding, Sorting & Filtering Data

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There are times you may only want to work with particular data in a spreadsheet. Discover how to use the Google Sheets tools to easily find and replace data.
You will also learn how to sort your data and use filters to display only the data you need.
Google Sheets includes other advanced options for sorting and filtering data with colors and conditions.
In this course, you will discover other tools for filtering your data, such as filter views and slicers. Finally, learn how to group and ungroup your data to choose the information you want to display.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Finding, Sorting & Filtering Data

  • find and replace data in a spreadsheet
  • find and replace functions in formulas
  • sort data in a spreadsheet
  • apply filters in a spreadsheet
  • use advanced filter options in a spreadsheet
  • sort and filter data using colors
  • create and manage filter views
  • add slicers to filter your data
  • customize slicers colors and formats
  • group and ungroup data in a spreadsheet
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