Google Sheets: Referencing & Managing Data

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While working in Google Sheets, you will often use a cell value in a formula or another location.
Discover how to use absolute, mixed, and relative cell references in formulas or to extract values from other cells. These cell references will also be useful to create a formula with data from multiple sheets. Lastly, learn how to define data ranges for creating different types of menus using the data validation tool.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Referencing & Managing Data

  • insert references to cells
  • work with absolute, relative and mixed cell references
  • work with data ranges
  • work with data from different sheets
  • calculate totals with constant values
  • use cell references indirectly
  • use cell references to create drop-down menus
  • create menus with cell references
  • use data validation to create menus
  • use data ranges to insert checkboxes
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