Google Sheets: Using Basic Formulas

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This course will focus on manipulating data and performing basic calculations using formulas in Google Sheets.
First, discover how to manually select and use formulas in a cell, as well as to get access to the full list of functions available in Google Sheets.
You will also see how to copy formulas to quickly fill out a table. Other functions will allow you to rank, count, and round values in a sheet. Google Sheets' functions are useful for manipulating text as well. For example, to replace specific characters or a text string. Finally, learn how to create formulas to generate random numbers and remove whitespace.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Using Basic Formulas

  • get access to the function library to create formulas
  • perform basic calculations with operators and functions
  • re-use formulas to copy values and perform calculations
  • get cumulative totals
  • convert numbers to binary, hexadecimal or decimal formats
  • obtain the quotient and remainder in a division
  • count a full list of values or specific items in a list
  • rank values and find the smallest or largest values in a list
  • use different functions to round a value
  • use functions to replace characters and remove whitespace
  • use formulas to generate random values
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