Google Sheets: Using Formulas to Calculate & Manage Data

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Discover how to use Google Sheets for common tasks like calculating the interest on a loan and comparing loans. This course will also teach you how to build formulas to find and manage duplicate values in your spreadsheets.
Google Sheets includes built-in formulas to extract and analyze data. Learn how to work with some of these formulas on both data and text values, and use the LOOKUP and VLOOKUP formulas.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Sheets: Using Formulas to Calculate & Manage Data

  • calculate the interest of a loan
  • compare loans
  • use SUMPRODUCT and COUNTIF to find duplicate values
  • use COUNTA, SUMPRODUCT and COUNTIF functions to find duplicates
  • locate duplicate entries with formulas
  • use formulas to avoid duplicate values
  • use database functions in a spreadsheet
  • perform calculations in a database
  • find a value in a double-entry table
  • search for a value across two tables
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