Jive-n Cloud: Using Departments, Spaces & Projects

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Jive-n is built on the concepts of departments, spaces, and projects. Find out how to navigate within the different Jive-n places and spaces, how to create and customize projects, and how to manage your project tasks to completion.

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Lesson Objectives

Jive-n Cloud: Using Departments, Spaces & Projects

  • get around departments in Jive-n
  • find content in a department in Jive-n
  • contribute to a department in Jive-n
  • share a space in Jive-n
  • get around Jive-n projects
  • publish content in a Jive-n project
  • create and find a Jive-n project
  • create a task in Jive-n
  • manage tasks in Jive-n
  • add tiles to a Jive-n project page
  • reorganize a Jive-n project page
  • integrate external elements to a Jive-n project page
  • import and export ideas in Jive-n
  • make an announcement in Jive-n
  • manage a Jive-n project
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