Mac OS Sierra: Installing & Using Apps

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There are a number of ways to access an application on macOS Sierra. Discover how to work with a number of different applications; find, open, and close applications; and download, install, and update applications.

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Lesson Objectives

Mac OS Sierra: Installing & Using Apps

  • find and open an application on macOS Sierra
  • close and quit an application on macOS Sierra
  • organize app settings in macOS Sierra
  • use multiple apps via Mission Control in macOS Sierra
  • manage multiple windows in Mission Control
  • work on multiple desktops via in Mission Control in macOS Sierra
  • associate an app with a space in macOS Sierra
  • configure Mission Control to manage multiple spaces on macOS Sierra
  • configure your startup application with macOS Sierra
  • use the Mac App Store
  • download an application with your Apple account
  • update your applications with macOS Sierra
  • use messages with your Mac
  • communicate with FaceTime
  • view videos with Picture-in-Picture on macOS Sierra
  • work continuously between an iOS 10 mobile device and a macOS Sierra computer
  • recover application data with Time Machine
  • use Ink to recognize handwritten notes on a graphic tablet
  • use voice dictation on macOS Sierra
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