Mac OS Sierra: Configuring Network & Share Settings

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It is very rare that a computer is not connected to the Internet or another computer. Discover how to configure Internet settings, share files and devices, and access or control another Mac.

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Mac OS Sierra: Configuring Network & Share Settings

  • connect to the internet with macOS Sierra
  • synchronize your Apple device data with iCloud
  • activate the share function with multiple Macs on the same network
  • share items via various apps on macOS Sierra
  • use files on multiple accounts on macOS Sierra
  • access shared files on macOS Sierra
  • access another Mac with screen share on macOS Sierra
  • configure your screen share window with macOS Sierra
  • control another Mac with the control and observation mode in macOS Sierra
  • use the shared clipboard function during screen share with another Mac
  • share devices on your Mac across a network
  • share an internet connection through your Mac or mobile device
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