MindManager 2016: Working with the Interface

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Get started using MindManager. Explore the MindManager interface, and discover how to navigate and search a document, configure the display and interface, use keyboard shortcuts and customize editing options.

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Lesson Objectives

MindManager 2016: Working with the Interface

  • navigate the application interface
  • explore your document through MindManager
  • adjust the MindManager mind map display
  • adjust the zoom view of MindManager mind maps
  • use MindManager keyboard shortcuts
  • use MindManager to search and replace words or phrases
  • search across one or more MindManager documents
  • choose which MindManager 2016 map should show at start-up
  • configure MindManager 2016 editor options
  • personalize MindManager 2016 toolbar options
  • configure the MindManager 2016 interface
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