MindManager 2016: Creating, Saving & Exporting Documents

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Discover how to manage documents in MindManager. Learn how to apply password protection, use comments and track changes, and look at various ways to export mind maps.

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Lesson Objectives

MindManager 2016: Creating, Saving & Exporting Documents

  • create or open a MindManager 2016 document
  • move between multiple documents open at the same time in MindManager
  • save a MindManager mind map
  • restore an older document version with the MindManager 2016 autosave feature
  • modify MindManager document properties
  • password protect MindManager documents
  • create shortcuts for mind maps and folders in MindManager 2016
  • use MindManager templates
  • download templates via MindManager and MapsforThat.com
  • create a custom template with MindManager 2016
  • Export mind maps to Microsoft Word
  • export mind maps from MindManager 2016
  • print mind maps from MindManager
  • send mind maps from MindManager via email
  • save a MindManager mind map as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document
  • collaborate on MindMap document comments
  • track changes in MindManager 2016 documents
  • customize track changes options in MindManager
  • identify Mindjet Connect account features
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