Access 2013: Creating Forms & Queries

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In Access 2013, forms can simplify the process of data entry and queries allowing you to return information based on specified criteria. Learn about creating and customizing forms, as well as creating queries and calculations.

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Lesson Objectives

Access 2013: Creating Forms & Queries

  • Creating a data entry form using the wizard
  • Creating a data entry form from scratch
  • Inserting text in a form
  • Inserting data entry fields
  • Inserting a list box
  • Inserting check boxes
  • Inserting buttons
  • Reorganizing your form
  • Adding information to your form
  • Customizing the appearance of your form
  • Editing your form's properties
  • Creating a simple query
  • Creating a crosstab query
  • Performing a simple calculation
  • Creating a calculated field
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