Excel 2013: Manipulating Data

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Learn the basics of working with data in Excel 2013, including selecting cells, inputting data, undoing and redoing actions, filling, spellchecking, copy and pasting, moving data to another worksheet, and consolidating data.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel 2013: Manipulating Data

  • Selecting cells
  • Inputting data
  • Inserting special characters
  • Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously
  • Deleting items in your spreadsheet
  • Undoing & redoing actions
  • Creating automatic data series
  • Using the Flash Fill feature
  • Inserting dropdown menus
  • Using the spell check tool
  • Transferring data
  • Copying & pasting data
  • Moving data from one worksheet to another
  • Transposing a data range
  • Consolidating your data
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