Excel 2016: Inserting & Manipulating Data

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Excel 2016 contains a number of features to aid in data insertion and manipulation. Explore numerous ways to insert, edit, and manipulate your data, including undo and redo, Flash Fill, spell check, and transposing a data range.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel 2016: Inserting & Manipulating Data

  • Selecting cells
  • Inputting data
  • Inserting special characters
  • Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously
  • Deleting items in your spreadsheet
  • Undoing & redoing actions
  • Creating automatic data series
  • Using the Flash Fill feature
  • Inserting dropdown menus
  • Using the Spell Check tool
  • Configuring Spell Check & AutoCorrect options
  • Transferring data
  • Copying & pasting data
  • Moving data from one worksheet to another
  • Transposing a data range
  • Consolidating your data
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