Excel 2016: Extracting Information with Formulas

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Excel 2016 has a number of formulas for extracting both numeric and textual data from cells. Discover how to use some of these formulas, including MONTH, DAY, YEAR, MAX, MIN, CONCATENATE, SEARCH, LEN, LOOKUP, and VLOOKUP.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel 2016: Extracting Information with Formulas

  • Retrieving information with dates
  • Finding a date automatically
  • Finding the largest & smallest values in a list
  • Separating data into multiple cells
  • Combining data values in a single cell
  • Retrieving information on a cell
  • Retrieving information on your text
  • Cross referencing two data lists
  • Inserting data automatically
  • Finding a value in a double entry table
  • Performing a search across two tables
  • Finding data in a database
  • Performing calculations using your database
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