Excel 2019 for Windows: Creating & Saving Workbooks

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In Excel 2019, it is easy to create and save new workbooks. This 15-video course demonstrates how to create, manage, and save documents, insert headers and footers, edit document properties, and protect Excel workbooks from unwanted edits and use. You will begin by learning how to create and open a document, and then learn how to use document templates. This leads into how to manage worksheets, which are used in Excel to manage different sets of data within a workbook. Next, observe how to save a document; save a document as a PDF; and recover unsaved documents. Learn how to insert headers and footers, useful if you have additional information to insert into a spreadsheet. Examine how to set your print area; adjust your print page layout, and then print your document. Discover how to check for compatibility issues; edit your document properties; and check for personal information in your document. The course concludes by showing how to create an accessible document, and how to protect your document.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel 2019 for Windows: Creating & Saving Workbooks

  • Creating & opening a document
  • Using document templates
  • Managing your worksheets
  • Saving your document
  • Saving your document as a PDF
  • Recovering unsaved documents
  • Inserting headers & footers
  • Setting your print area
  • Adjusting your print page layout
  • Printing your document
  • Checking for compatibility issues
  • Editing your document properties
  • Checking for personal information in your document
  • Creating an accessible document
  • Protecting your document
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