Excel 2019 for Windows: Using Basic Formulas

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The power of Excel 2019 is the support provided for using formulas on your data. In this 12-video course, learners will observe how to work with formulas, including built-in formulas such as SUM and COUNT, perform rounding and ranking, and generate random numbers. You will begin by discovering how to insert a formula by using the function library, and then perform simple calculations within an individual cell. Explore how to use automated formulas in a table; create automated cumulative tools; and insert subtotals. Following on from this, you will learn how to count cells in a range by using different formulas, and then rank values, which is extremely useful if you want to find out where a particular value places on a list of data entries. Examine rounding a number, to round up or down your data values. Use replacement formulas when you need to make changes; convert number types, and factorize the results of a division. Conclude the course by observing how to create random values.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel 2019 for Windows: Using Basic Formulas

  • Inserting a formula using the function library
  • Performing simple calculations
  • Using automated formulas in a table
  • Creating automated cumulative totals
  • Inserting subtotals
  • Counting cells in a range
  • Ranking a value
  • Rounding a number
  • Using replacement formulas
  • Converting number types
  • Factorizing the results of a division
  • Creating random values
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