Excel Office 365 (Windows): Creating & Saving Workbooks

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Creating a new spreadsheet and workbook, with Excel Office 365 for Windows couldnt be easier. Learn how to browse the Excel template library and download and configure a spreadsheet template. Next, navigate between your worksheets and modify their properties. Save your worksheet or workbook as an Excel version or a pdf. Other topics in this course include how to recover unsaved documents, use headers and footers, print your spreadsheet, preview and adjust page breaks, layout, orientation, margins, and the print area. You'll also learn how to edit workbook properties, locate and shield confidential information with the Document Inspector; improve handicap accessibility with the Document Scanner; protect your worksheet and workbook from changes, or restrict all access with a password.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Creating & Saving Workbooks

  • create and open a spreadsheet in Excel 365
  • use Excel 365 document templates
  • manage your worksheets in Excel 365
  • save your spreadsheet in Excel
  • save your Excel 365 spreadsheet as a PDF
  • recover unsaved Excel 365 documents
  • insert headers and footers in your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • set your print area in Excel 365
  • adjust your print page layout in Excel 365
  • print your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • check for compatibility issues in Excel 365
  • edit your Excel 365 document properties
  • check for personal information in your Excel 365 document
  • create an accessible spreadsheet in Excel 365
  • protect your Excel 365 spreadsheet
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