Excel Office 365 (Windows): Inserting & Manipulating Data

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Delve into data manipulation techniques with Excel Office 365 for Windows. In this course, learners can explore numerous ways to insert, edit, replace or delete data. Key concepts covered in this course include; how to insert a text character or symbol if this is not located on your computer; how to perform simultaneous edits of data cells with the same cell locations, but found on different worksheets. Learn how to simultaneously edit cells across multiple worksheets; undo previous actions; create an automatic data series; and flash fill data ranges, based on patterns. Other topics include how to limit values and speed up data entry with drop down menus; how to use and configure spell check and autocorrect; edit the dictionary and copy and paste data. Explore how to format values and formulas within spreadsheets, between spreadsheets, or within workbooks; transpose a data range. Finally, familiarize yourself with how to extract data from multiple worksheets and consolidate.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Inserting & Manipulating Data

  • select cells in your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • input data in your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • insert special characters in Excel 365
  • edit multiple Excel 365 worksheets simultaneously
  • delete items in your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • undo and redo actions in Excel 365
  • create automatic data series in Excel 365
  • use the Excel 365 Flash Fill feature
  • insert dropdown menus in Excel 365
  • use the Excel 365 spell check tool
  • configure spell check and AutoCorrect options in Excel 365
  • transfer data in Excel 365
  • copy and paste data in Excel 365
  • move data from one Excel 365 worksheet to another
  • use the Excel 365 Paste Special tools
  • transpose a data range in Excel 365
  • consolidate your data in Excel 365
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