Excel Office 365 (Windows): Formatting Data

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Formatting data makes the data easier to see and work with. Refine your data's appearance, with Excel Office 365 for Windows. During this course, you will learn how to align data, use colors, and themes, resize rows and columns, and insert tables and borders in Excel to change the presentation of data. You will learn how to organize your data into a table, format, sort, and apply filters and themes, and format a title. Explore topics such as how to adjust color, outlines, rotation, shadows, glows, and reflections; resize columns and rows; insert new columns and rows; change cell styles. Add cell borders. Alter background and data colors. Standardize your data's typographical appearance. Adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of data. Adjust font effects. Employ text conversion formulas, to change capitalization and proper nouns. Transfer your format to another data selection.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Formatting Data

  • set your data type in Excel 365
  • format your data in Excel
  • align your data in Excel
  • use colors in your Excel 365 spreadsheet
  • change your cell style in Excel 365
  • use Excel 365 document themes
  • use formulas to modify your text case in Excel 365
  • create a title in Excel 365
  • format a title in Excel 365
  • create a table in Excel 365
  • resize columns and rows in Excel 365
  • insert columns and rows in Excel 365
  • insert borders in Excel 365
  • transfer format styles in Excel 365
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