Excel for the Web: Saving & Managing Documents

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In Excel for the Web, it is easy to create and save new workbooks. Learn how to save and download a copy of your documents, as well as protect your Excel workbooks from unwanted edits or use.

In Excel for the Web worksheet can contain more than numbers and text, so learn how to search for spelling mistakes and accessibility issues. You will also see how te get statistics concerning the data in your workbook.

In this course you will also discover how to work with various workbooks at the same time, manage spreadsheets, and create sheet views.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel for the Web: Saving & Managing Documents

  • save and download a copy of your workbook
  • recover and restore different versions of a workbook
  • create, customize, and delete sheet views
  • work with different workbooks simultaneously
  • add, customize, and delete worksheets
  • review and get statistics from a workbook
  • create an accessible workbook
  • configure printing options
  • protect and unprotect a workbook
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