Excel for the Web: Analyzing & Manipulating Data Entries

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Excel for the Web includes a wide variety of options for locating, displaying, and analyzing data entries. To start working with the data in a worksheet, use the sorting and filtering options for choosing what is the data displayed. You can also use the grouping tools to create groups and subgroups within a worksheet.

In this course learn how to use the Find and Replace tools to quickly locate and change data values in a data range or worksheet. Another option to easily insert values in a cell is using dropdown menus.

The power of Excel for the Web is the support provided for using formulas on your data. Learn how to work with formulas, including built-in formulas such as SUM, CHOOSE, and INDEX to quickly get totals or reference data and values. Also discover how to insert cell references to use data across multiple worksheets.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel for the Web: Analyzing & Manipulating Data Entries

  • find items or jump to a specific location in a worksheet
  • replace cell contents in a worksheet
  • sort data in a worksheet
  • use filter buttons to filter data in a worksheet
  • perform basic calculations and configure calculation options
  • access and discover the Function library
  • use cell references to perform calculations
  • use data across multiple worksheets to reference data for formulas
  • group and ungroup data in a worksheet
  • use data validation to insert drop-down menus
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