Outlook 2016: Illustrating Email

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Outlook 2016 emails do not have to contain text only. Explore ways to illustrate your emails, including adding images, links, shapes, WordArt and SmartArt graphics, tables, charts, polls, and objects.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Outlook 2016: Illustrating Email

  • Inserting a link
  • Inserting an image
  • Formatting your image
  • Inserting WordArt graphics
  • Inserting shapes
  • Modifying a shape
  • Inserting a table
  • Modifying a table
  • Formatting your table
  • Inserting a SmartArt graphic
  • Modifying a SmartArt graphic
  • Formatting your SmartArt graphic
  • Inserting a chart
  • Modifying a chart
  • Formatting your chart
  • Creating a survey
  • Inserting an object
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