Outlook 2016: Organizing Email

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To be productive, you need to keep your Outlook 2016 emails organized. Explore how to mark, flag, categorize, filter, and sort emails; use conversations and folders; use conditional formatting; and handle junk email.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook 2016: Organizing Email

  • Marking an email as read or unread
  • Flagging an email
  • Categorizing your emails
  • Deleting messages
  • Organizing your emails
  • Automatically organizing your emails
  • Organizing your emails into conversations
  • Using Clutter
  • Creating favorite folders
  • Creating a search folder
  • Managing your IMAP folders
  • Using the search tool
  • Configuring your search options
  • Filtering your emails
  • Sorting your emails
  • Customizing your sort order
  • Using conditional formatting in your inbox
  • Combatting junk mail
  • Marking unwanted email
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