Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Contact Tools

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Outlook for Office 365 makes it easy to keep track of people you connect with. Discover how to add, import, export, and categorize contacts; create and manage groups; and configure your address book in this 11-video course. Begin by learning how to get the most out of your address book in Outlook, and then learn how to add a contact. Explore how to import and export contacts; organize and create a contact group; and create a collaborative workgroup. Outlook allows you to manage your Office 365 groups directly from your inbox, so learn how to create and view conversations and meetings from your group. Once created, you will be able to manage your groups by editing and deleting groups, join other groups, or leave. Organize and categorize your contacts by placing contact entries into different folders. Also categorize contact entries in your Outlook address book; print your address book and save as a PDF, and finally, discover how to configure your address book.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Contact Tools

  • use your address book
  • add a contact to your address book
  • import and export contacts
  • create a contact group
  • create a collaborative workgroup
  • use Office 365 Groups
  • manage your Office 365 Groups
  • organize your contacts
  • categorize your contacts
  • print your address book and save it as a PDF
  • configure your address book
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