Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Formatting Email Text

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There are numerous formatting techniques that can be applied to Outlook for Office 365 e-mails. This 11-video course helps learners discover how to format text, use lists, work with color, and manage their styles and style sets. Begin by learning how to format your text with the various different formatting options available in Outlook. Then explore how to add different colors and text effects to enhance your e-mails, and use custom colors from the Advanced Color tools. Discover how to format the text in your e-mail by using the Alignment and Capitalization tools; these enhance the structure making everything clear and easy to read. Check the layout of your text by using the Line and Paragraph Spacing tools; insert special characters or symbols, and explore the various text styles available in the styles gallery. Learn how to create your own text style; create a style set; and bullet and numbered lists. To conclude the course, explore how to customize your lists.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook Office 365 (Windows): Formatting Email Text

  • format your email text
  • add color and text effects in email
  • use custom colors in email
  • adjust your text alignment and capitalization in email
  • space your email text
  • insert special characters in email
  • use text styles in email
  • create a text style for your email
  • create a Style Set for your email
  • create a bullet and numbered lists in your email
  • Customize your email lists
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