PowerPoint 2016: Saving & Sharing Presentations

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Once your presentation is done, you can save, export, and share it. Explore the methods for saving, backing up, exporting, and protecting PowerPoint 2016 presentations.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint 2016: Saving & Sharing Presentations

  • Saving your presentation
  • Backing up & recovering your presentation
  • Saving your presentation as a PDF
  • Exporting your presentation
  • Creating a video presentation
  • Creating a presentation package
  • Using your presentation in Word
  • Checking for compatibility issues
  • Editing your presentation properties
  • Adjusting your print page layout
  • Printing your presentation
  • Creating an accessible presentation
  • Checking for personal information in your presentation
  • Protecting your presentation
  • Comparing two presentations
  • Sending your presentation via email
  • Sharing your document via OneDrive
  • Commenting on a presentation
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