PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Preparing & Delivering Slideshows

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This 11-video course helps learners explore the use of PowerPoint by focusing on how to control the delivery of a slide show. After you have activated your slide show, you will observe several tools to control how your presentation progresses. You will then learn how to turn your mouse into a laser pointer, and to activate the Summary View, and the Presenter View to control the slide show. Next, learn how to use the notes pane to store and access information you may need to help present your presentation. Learners will then explore how to associate an action with an item, including another slide, file, program, or website. You will learn how to use the Annotation tools, including the pen, highlighter, and eraser. Continue the course by learning how to use the PowerPoint Zoom tool to add slide summaries and to access different slides and sections in your presentation. You will explore how to record narrations, annotations, and timings. Finally, you will observe how to use PowerPoint to deliver your presentation online.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Preparing & Delivering Slideshows

  • use the slide show mode to give a presentation
  • use the slide show tools to highlight key features in your presentation
  • add and view notes in your presentation
  • insert and use action buttons
  • annotate your presentation to highlight key information
  • create a Summary Zoom in your presentation
  • use the zoom tool with a slide or section
  • Using the recording tool
  • create a custom slide show presentation
  • Configuring slide show mode
  • present your presentation online
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