PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Creating Presentations

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In this 13-video course, learners can explore how to create a presentation in PowerPoint for Office 365, and finesse slides like a pro. First, observe how to create and begin editing a new document in PowerPoint. You will then explore presentation themes and templates, and how to customize them to meet your requirements. Next, learn how to add slides to a new presentation by recycling existing content. You will explore the several preset slide layouts available, and how to create your own. Learners will observe how PowerPoint's Slide Master View allows one to change the overall appearance of a presentation and make changes to multiple slides at once, and how to use it to create a template customized to one's requirements by using Slide Master View. Next, learn how to sort slides into sections to structure your presentation. You will learn how to create an outline in PowerPoint, and how to use the header and footer tools. Finally, observe how to create master slides to use multiple themes in a presentation.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Creating Presentations

  • Creating & opening a presentation
  • Using themes & templates to create a presentation
  • Inserting a new slide
  • Inserting slides from an existing presentation
  • Adjusting your slide layout
  • Moving your slides
  • Creating a template
  • Creating sections in your presentation
  • Creating an outline
  • Using headers & footers
  • Using the Master mode
  • Creating a Master slide template
  • Managing multiple themes using Master slides
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