PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Saving Presentations

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Explore ways to save, export, and share a presentation created in PowerPoint for Office 365 in this 15-video course. First, learn how to save a presentation on a PC, and in a OneDrive account. You will then learn how to share your presentation in different formats. This course demonstrates how to create a video version of a presentation by using PowerPoint. Next, observe how to create a handout version of your presentation in MS Word with thumbnail versions of each slide. You will learn how to save data on the document's author, its modification dates, and a host of other categories not stored on any slide. Continue by learning how to search your presentation for confidential or personal notes, comments, and off-slide objects that you do not want to share, and to remove them with PowerPoint tools. You will learn how to password-protect presentations. Finally, this course demonstrates how to compare multiple versions of a presentation, visualize the differences, and cycle through each change to accept or reject it.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Saving Presentations

  • save your presentation
  • back up and recover your presentation
  • save your presentation as a PDF
  • export your presentation
  • create a video presentation
  • create a presentation package
  • use your presentation in Word
  • check for compatibility issues in your document
  • edit your presentation properties
  • adjust the presentation print page layout
  • print your presentation
  • create an accessible presentation
  • check for personal information in your presentation
  • protect your presentation
  • compare two presentations
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