PowerPoint Office 365 (windows): Enhancing Presentation Designs

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This 11-video course explores ways to enhance the appearance of a presentation in PowerPoint for Office 365 by using different colors, different themes, and the design elements. Color can make a slide stand out, or a section of a slide, and here you will learn how to use the Custom Color options. You will learn how to use Draw options for annotating or drawing within a slide. Next, learn how to create customized and attractive titles by using the WordArt tool. PowerPoint themes have several predefined elements, including text font, text size, and background images or colors, and this course demonstrates how to insert each of them into your presentation. You will learn how to create your own theme, save it, and apply it to existing or new presentations; and how to browse with the Designer tool, and apply design ideas to add a new style to a presentation. Finally, this course demonstrates ways in which the Text Direction tool can be used to change how text appears on a slide.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint Office 365 (windows): Enhancing Presentation Designs

  • add color to a presentation to help elements stand out or to change the overall appearance of inserted objects
  • create custom colors to add to text and inserted objects
  • use the text direction tools to change the rotation and orientation of text
  • apply presentation themes
  • create a custom presentation theme
  • change your presentation slide background
  • create a custom background by using textiles, saved images and online sources
  • use the Designer tool to add style and redesign a presentation slide
  • access and use the Draw tools
  • insert and customize a WordArt title and convert existing text into a WordArt title
  • customize the text effects applied to a WordArt title
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