PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Using Multimedia in Presentations

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Explore the graphic elements of PowerPoint for Office 365, including images, audio files, video files, hyperlinks, in this 11-video course. First, examine how to insert hyperlinks into a slide by typing the Web address or pasting it in. You will then learn how to insert images from your computer and online sources, and how to insert a screenshot. This course examines several techniques to move or crop images. You will learn to adjust the size of an image, and add formatting effects, including a colored outline. This course demonstrates how to use advanced editing tools to adjust image effect with changes to brightness, sharpness, and color. You will learn how to use the 3D Model tools to insert three-dimensional images. You will also learn how to add multimedia files, including importing them from an existing file, or by recording your own audio directly. This course demonstrates how to insert a video file, and how to edit multimedia sources in slides. Finally, learners will observe how to create a photo album in a presentation.

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Lesson Objectives

PowerPoint Office 365 (Windows): Using Multimedia in Presentations

  • insert hyperlinks to access websites, files and send emails
  • insert an image from an existing file or an online location
  • insert a screenshot from an open program or online source
  • modify an images position, rotation and crop
  • edit an images size, border and applied effects
  • modify an images aspects to improve its appearance
  • insert a 3D model from an existing file or an online source
  • insert an existing audio file or an audio recording
  • insert a file from your computer or an online source
  • edit a video in a presentation
  • create a photo album presentation
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