Word 2016: Creating, Opening & Saving Documents

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Creating, saving, and opening documents are central to your user experience in Word 2016 for Windows. Learn how to create files, how to save them, and how to optimize your documents with accessibility and protection tools.

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Lesson Objectives

Word 2016: Creating, Opening & Saving Documents

  • Creating & opening a document
  • Using document templates
  • Creating & editing a document template
  • Saving your document
  • Saving your document as a PDF
  • Recovering a previous version of your document
  • Preparing to print your document
  • Printing your document
  • Accessing your document statistics
  • Modifying your document properties
  • Checking your document for compatibility issues
  • Creating an accessible document
  • Using the Read Aloud tool
  • Protecting your document
  • Adjusting your document's protection settings
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