Word 2016: Editing Documents

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Typing, manipulating, and checking your text is made easy with Word 2016's intuitive text tools. Discover how to build out your document more quickly with special characters, advanced AutoCorrect tools, and predefined AutoText items.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Word 2016: Editing Documents

  • Inserting text
  • Inserting text more efficiently
  • Inserting a text box
  • Inserting special characters
  • Adding to your document properties
  • Selecting text manually
  • Selecting text automatically
  • Cutting, copying & pasting
  • Moving text
  • Using Word 2016's paste options
  • Using the AutoText Function
  • Undoing & redoing your actions
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Configuring the AutoCorrect settings
  • Using the spell check
  • Configuring the spell check
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