Word 2013: Formatting Documents

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Make your Word 2013 documents look more professional. Explore a number of formatting techniques, including text alignment, titles and bullet lists, text styles, and themes.

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Lesson Objectives

Word 2013: Formatting Documents

  • Aligning your text
  • Changing your text's font & size
  • Using the color & highlighting tools
  • Adjusting your text case
  • Formatting your paragraphs
  • Using tab stops
  • Creating a title
  • Changing your title fill & outline style
  • Applying text effects
  • Inserting bullet points
  • Creating your own list style
  • Organizing your text into columns
  • Adjusting the hyphenation of your text
  • Using text styles
  • Creating your own text style
  • Creating style sets
  • Inspecting your text formatting
  • Importing styles from another document
  • Using document themes
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