Word Office 365 (Windows): Illustrating Documents

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This 11-video course explores the use of mages and illustrations in a document in Word for Office 365. You will learn how to insert an image from the Internet or a file into word documents, then learn how to take screen shots of parts of a document by using the Screen Clipping tool. You will also explore a number of icons available in Word to insert into a document. Next, learners will examine several ways in which images, figures, or icons can be surrounded by text. Learn how to perform basic editing on images to adjust brightness, contrast, and coloring; and to use the Picture Styles toolset to create frames or borders about images. The course demonstrates how to use hyperlinks to access websites, e-mail drafts, and other documents. Continue by learning how to insert and embed videos in a document from online sources, how to insert 3D models, and reformat the document. Finally, you will observe how to insert a watermark onto a page, and how to add graphics as watermarks.

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Lesson Objectives

Word Office 365 (Windows): Illustrating Documents

  • insert images in your document
  • take a screenshot for your document
  • insert icons in your document
  • adjust your text wrapping options in your document
  • use image styles in your document
  • edit an inserted image in your document
  • Insert hyperlinks in your document
  • insert a video into a document
  • insert a 3D Model into your document
  • format a 3D Model in your document
  • insert a watermark in your document
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