Microsoft Windows 8: Customizing System Appearance

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Windows 8.1 lets you customize many of the interface items. Discover how to customize the Start screen, taskbar, and desktop icons and background; add and remove toolbars; and configure date, time, and sound alerts.

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Lesson Objectives

Microsoft Windows 8: Customizing System Appearance

  • Customizing your Start Screen
  • Customizing your navigation
  • Customizing your Windows theme
  • Moving & resizing your taskbar
  • Customizing your taskbar
  • Customizing the notification area
  • Changing your desktop background
  • Activating your default desktop icons
  • Customizing your desktop icons
  • Changing a folder icon
  • Customizing File Explorer's appearance
  • Adding & removing toolbars
  • Customizing your sound alerts
  • Adjusting your computer's time & date settings
  • Using time zones
  • Setting up your screensaver
  • Deactivating the Windows help tips
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