Yammer: Posting, reacting & managing messages on the feed

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One of the main features of Yammer is being able to post updates to the network. Discover how to publish different types of posts and how to edit or delete them. For more interaction, you and your colleagues can react and reply to posts, and these conversations can be easily managed. Finally, learn how to illustrate your messages by adding attachments, and how to view or create documents from a centralized area.

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Lesson Objectives

Yammer: Posting, reacting & managing messages on the feed

  • discover the key concepts in Posting, reacting and managing messages on the feed in this Yammer Web 2020 course
  • publish, modify and delete a post
  • apply effects, insert lists and GIFs
  • reply, like, and comment on a message
  • share, move & close a conversation
  • send and open attachments
  • create & manage a poll
  • ask & manage an open question
  • publicly congratulate a colleague
  • feature or pin a conversation & make annoucements
  • insert & find topics
  • browse, find and manage files
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