Yammer: Working more efficiently & managing Networks

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To be more efficient on Yammer, learn how to use the search feature. This will help you find content quickly, for example a document that you would like to edit or lock. In order to save time, you can reply to posts directly from your Outlook inbox. To do this, learn how activate and identify the corresponding notifications. Finally, your Yammer network can be available outside of your company. Discover how to add a Yammer feed into your website, browse external or internal networks and how to manage them as an admin.

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Lesson Objectives

Yammer: Working more efficiently & managing Networks

  • discover the key concepts in Yammer Web 2020: Working more efficiently and managing Networks course
  • use the search feature to find items
  • identify and activate notifications
  • receive and send Yammer posts from Outlook
  • edit, lock and manage versions of a file
  • embed a feed code
  • discovering networks created by other users
  • customize default network information
  • invite & remove a user, and see network activity
  • monitor content and security options
  • export data and set data policy
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