Outlook on the Web: Organizing Emails

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This course will focus on how to organize your Outlook on the Web emails by deleting, pinning, archiving and even creating rules to do this automatically. You are also going to learn how to combat spam by moving it to a dedicated folder, reporting as phishing or even blocking senders. Finding items in your inbox will also be covered in this course, by using the searchbar but also tagging, categorizing, filtering and sorting emails. Last but not least, how to manage your conversations will also be showed.

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Lesson Objectives

Outlook on the Web: Organizing Emails

  • delete , restore and permanently remove emails
  • organize your emails
  • pin an email and add folders to the Favorites section
  • mark emails as junk mail and remove junk mail
  • no longer receive unwanted emails
  • organize your emails automatically
  • manage your conversations
  • mark emails as unread, flag emails and set deadlines for messages
  • use categories, create and manage categories
  • filter and sort emails
  • search for emails and contacts
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