Pinterest for Web: Finding Pins & Sharing Boards

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Pinterest is a web-based media platform for managing images and other media content. Explore Pinterest, and discover how to create and manage your account, and find pins, boards, and friends on the platform.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Pinterest for Web: Finding Pins & Sharing Boards

  • log in to Pinterest
  • get to know Pinterest
  • discover and complete your Pinterest profile page
  • explore trends on Pinterest
  • perform a search on Pinterest
  • find similar search results on Pinterest
  • save and discover pins on Pinterest
  • find and follow boards and topics on Pinterest
  • find and follow people on Pinterest
  • interact with pins on Pinterest
  • choose which pins appear in your home feed on Pinterest
  • manage your Pinterest account information
  • manage Pinterest notifications
  • manage your Pinterest account privacy and security
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