Smartsheet: Creating Projects

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Discover how to make and manage a new project sheet with Smart Sheet the project management and collaboration service. Your project sheet is like a spreadsheet in which you track all the tasks, responsibilities, scheduling, and resources of a project. In this course, learn to create a new project sheet, employ sheet templates, create a card sheet, and understand the structure and function of your project sheets. See how to access your project sheets, move between multiple sheets, and organize them. Discover how to edit, save and change the properties of your project. Import, export and print your project.

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Lesson Objectives

Smartsheet: Creating Projects

  • create a new sheet with Smartsheet
  • use Smartsheet templates
  • understand the structure of your project in Smartsheet
  • create a card sheet in Smartsheet
  • change view modes in Smartsheet
  • move between multiple sheets in Smartsheet
  • find your projects in Smartsheet
  • edit a project in Smartsheet
  • view and change properties in Smartsheet
  • organize your sheets in Smartsheet
  • import and export projects in Smartsheet
  • print a project in Smartsheet
  • configure the auto-save settings in Smartsheet
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