Smartsheet: Creating & Managing Tasks

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Learn how to track project tasking with Smartsheet software service. During this course, you will see how to create your project's task list, insert new tasks, group tasks, sort tasks, filter tasks and make milestones. From there, you will learn how to customize the appearance of your tasking tools. Other topics covered include how to employ conditional formatting; how to format the text in your tabl, and modify the appearance of your Gantt chart. Learn how to effectively manage resources, add resources to the project, assign resources to tasks, and resolve resource conflicts. Finally, discover how to insert formulas, links and images, and how to attach files.

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Lesson Objectives

Smartsheet: Creating & Managing Tasks

  • insert a task in Smartsheet
  • add a milestone in Smartsheet
  • group tasks in Smartsheet
  • sort tasks in Smartsheet
  • filter tasks in Smartsheet
  • format the text within your table in Smartsheet
  • change the appearance of your Gantt chart in Smartsheet
  • use conditional formatting in Smartsheet
  • add resources to your project in Smartsheet
  • assign resources to tasks in Smartsheet
  • resolve resource conflicts in Smartsheet
  • add formulas in Smartsheet
  • attach files in Smartsheet
  • insert an image in Smartsheet
  • insert links in Smartsheet
  • create a task list in Smartsheet
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