Smartsheet: Creating & Managing Tasks

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Begin to manage projects in Smartsheet by learning to insert, group, and filter tasks; create a task list; and add milestones. See how to modify text, use conditional formatting and add formulas and insert images and links and attach files.

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Lesson Objectives

Smartsheet: Creating & Managing Tasks

  • Inserting a task
  • Adding a milestone
  • Grouping tasks
  • Sorting tasks
  • Filtering tasks
  • Formatting the text within your table
  • Changing the appearance of your Gantt chart
  • Using conditional formatting
  • Adding resources to your project
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Resolving resource conflicts
  • Adding formulas
  • Attaching files
  • Inserting an image
  • Inserting links
  • Creating a task list
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