Transitioning to Office 365

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The Microsoft 365 subscription service proposes a set of tools that allow you to improve your collaboration with your colleagues. When switching from Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 to Microsoft 365 you'll see some interface changes that will be covered in this course.

You'll discover the new interface features and see how the new Start screen works. This course will also show you how to add an account and connected services to work on your files online. You'll be able to save and manage your documents online as well as share them with you're colleagues. In order to improve collaboration Microsoft 365 allows you to comment on a file and see real-time changes made by other people.

If you have documents saved in your computer you can easily transfer and sync them on Microsoft 365.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Transitioning to Office 365

  • discover the Start screen page
  • discover the File Menu, the Quick Access Toolbar, the Title bar, the Search box and the Ribbon
  • learn how to add and manage an account
  • learn how to add and manage connected services
  • save and manage documents in OneDrive
  • save and manage documents in SharePoint
  • edit and delete documents as well as use the Version History
  • share documents via a link and by email, and managing permissions
  • learn how to work on a shared document and consult real-time changes
  • create, reply an manage comments
  • sync and transfer files, and manage synced files
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